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Privacy management is about more than just GDPR and CCPA compliance; it's about brand trust.  With Mine PrivacyOps, companies streamline and automate the entire DSR process. Fulfill requests with two clicks and provide an amazing user experience from start to finish.  
Why Mine

User-Friendly.  Effortless. Automated.

Never miss a thing
Ensure everything is handled in time and that no requests fall through the cracks. Including full visibility & reporting.
Instant verification
No more back and forth emails. Ensure any request is from a verified user and validated faster with ©Evidence by Mine.
The gift of time
No code or tech team is needed to set up your very own automated platform. Get requests fulfilled in seconds.
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Unify Privacy Requests into one Platform

Streamline your DSR and DSAR requests from your own branded privacy center and all other sources to one organized platform. Easily view everything in one place with full reporting for compliance purposes with the GDPR, CCPA.
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Get Peace of Mind

Your very own customer-centric  PrivacyOps is only a few clicks away.
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Identify & Validate Requests with ©Evidence by Mine

Get access to automated verification and context on data subjects, including past email interactions. Reduce unnecessary back and forth and streamline the process to a 2-click experience.
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