The self-serve Privacy Center for your users.

With a custom-branded form on your website, your end-users will be able to control their privacy choices and easily submit standardized data access or erasure requests.
Why Mine

Boost trust by giving your customers control over their data

It’s a win-win
Provide users with a wonderful privacy experience. You get their privacy requests in a structured & streamlined way.
Save resources
By collecting privacy requests through a structured form, you can gather all the information you need in advance, and eliminate the need for long back and forth communication.
No fraud
We verify 100% of the requests for you (through email confirmation), so you can handle them faster.
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Fully customizable. Make your users feel at home.

Match the look and feel of your website, adding trust and credibility to the structured form. Add any questions and fields you need to fulfill requests internally.
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Continuous Peace of Mind

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Localize your privacy experience

Ask the right questions in any language. You can  control every element of (y)our Privacy Center, with or without custom code.
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