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Reduce security and privacy risks to ZERO by having effective 3rd-party processor management. With just two clicks, you can create an accurate, real-time list of your third-party processors, their purpose, and collected PII for your organization’s Data Processing Addendum (DPA).
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Data mapping that keeps up with new
sub-processors and data flows.

100% Coverage
Reveal up to 100% of your data sources and third-party processors and their data collection in a collaborative, central hub, so nothing gets overlooked.
Always on
Use continuous data mapping to keep track of new data sources and sub-processors in your company for easy GDPR and CCPA DPA compliance.
The gift of time
No code or tech team is needed to set up your very own automated platform. Get your own data map and third-party sub-processor list in seconds.
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Replace inaccurate spreadsheets with automated data mapping.

Automate your data schema to know exactly what data you hold and where, making it easier than ever to manage your data and create DPA and ROPA records.

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Reduce compliance and security risks.

Uncover all your company's past and current data sources. Gain actionable insights and threat intelligence into your data sources to identify potential security and privacy compliance risks like new processors, shadow IT, and data redundancy.
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