This Privacy Policy governs the processing and transfer of Personal Data that we, SayMine Technologies Ltd., (d.b.a “Mine”) collect and process in connection with Mine Privacy Portal (“Platform”).

The Platform will help your company (“Customer”) to manage privacy requests.

Our Privacy Policy is part of our Service Agreement and applies to the processing of Personal Data related to you, an employee of a Customer who provided you with access to the Platform. If you have any questions or concerns about this Privacy Policy or Personal Data related to you, please contact us at:

What types of data does Mine collect and for what purposes?

Mine collects personal and non-Personal Data. Let’s start by explaining important terminology:


"Personal Data" means information that identifies or can identify an individual, such as first and last name, email address, profile picture, unique online identifiers, etc.

"Non-Personal Data", means information, usually on an aggregated form, that cannot be linked to a single identifiable individual, taking in mind all means reasonably likely to be used by Mine or by any other person to identify that individual, directly or indirectly.

Personal Data Collected and Processed by Mine

When you use the Platform we process and collect Personal Data for the following purposes:

  • Type of Personal Data - Personal Data provided by you during sign-in and the use of the Platform. Full name, business email address, and any other type of Personal Data that you upload or provide us, as part of the text communications with you or the text communications you manage on the Platform.
  • Purpose of processing - We use this type of Personal Data to perform our duties and obligations to our Customers under the agreement between us, as regards to the Platform, to maintain contact with you, as a representative of our Customer and to provide you with customer service and support.

  • Type of Personal Data - Analytics data regarding the use of the Platform - using tracking technologies, which collect, for example, your internet protocol (IP) address, and technical data transmitted by the device that you are using such as your browser type, operating system type, device type, preferred language, the path you have taken on the Platform, the content you have interacted with, the time and date of your session, directing URLs and general geolocation (such as city).
  • Purpose of processing - We process this type of data to operate and improve the Platform.

  • Type of Personal data - Online identifiers included in Cookies and other tracking technologies (please see our Cookies and Similar Tracking Technologies Policy here).
  • Purpose of processing - We process this type of Personal Data to support our legitimate business interests and as described under "Your EU Data Subjects Rights" section below, for example, to operate, protect, and improve the Platform and its content; for auditing and tracking usage statistics and traffic flow.

  • Purposes relevant to all types of data – We use all types of data that we receive and collect to support our legitimate business purposes, including – to protect the Platform from illegal, fraudulent (such as identity theft), abusive and malicious activities on the Platform; to handle inquiries and complaints, to resolve disputes and to protect legal rights; to support requirements from us under the law, for example, for tax and auditing purposes; and to comply with court orders, warrants and requirements to assist law enforcement agencies.

Non-Personal Data Processed by Mine

We collect non-personal data about the use of the Platform, such as the scope of use, frequency, latency, pages accessed and viewed, interactions with content and materials displayed, and other technical information regarding the type of devices used to access the Platform (for example, through the use of Google Analytics. You can find an explanation about how Google uses data when you use our Platform here).

Non-Personal Data is used mainly for clickstream analysis, to maintain and develop the Platform, to measure and understand the level of engagement with the Platform, for general business analytics for ensuring the technical functioning of our network, to help prevent fraudulent use of the Platform, to protect the website and the Platform from cyber threats and for developing new capabilities and features.

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