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What Companies who use Mine have to say

"At PrioTicket we put our customer’s data privacy experience first. Mine PrivacyOps allows us to deliver on this promise by making it easy for us to manage incoming data requests. The portal gives us the confidence to know that things are handled in an environment that keeps our data secure and private"

Irchell Wist
Customer Success, PrioTicket

“At Mighty Deals, we find using the Portal straightforward and effective! It helps us to quickly identify the type of user who submitted the request and automate the process to ensure every request is managed correctly and in a timely fashion”.

Katia J.
Customer Relations Team, Mighty Deals

“Mine PrivacyOps is helping us to have clear visibility of any privacy requests coming through and how our team controls them.”

Charlie Gibson
Head of Operations, Salesfire

“The big advantage for us in using Mine PrivacyOps is the ability to manage all our incoming requests in one place. We also use a webhook to close the loop of the deletion process so our team doesn’t need to worry about updating anything or anyone manually”

Nadav Mills
CEO, Down