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Evidence by Mine

Save time and reduce unnecessary back and forth when verifying and validating data subject requests. Streamline your process to a 2-click experience with all the needed context to fulfill DSRs.
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User-Friendly. Instant. Secure.

Save up to 95%
Save the time and resources that go into validating and verifying requests.
Instant validation
Ensure any request is from a verified user, with email-backed evidence and context.
A better experience
Reduce friction and unnecessary communication with users to validate their requests.
Trusted by 1,500+ companies around the world

1M+ consumers use Mine to reduce their online exposure

Thanks to our unique position in the market, we were able to build a technology that maps past emails interactions between companies and consumers and helps provide the needed context to easily validate each incoming privacy request.
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Helping companies validate requests

Get access to automated verification and context on data subjects, including past email interactions. With Evidence by Mine, you can easily identify your users, locate them in your systems, and create more efficient privacy processes.
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