A Mine user is a customer of yours and has sent a DSR

To make DSR handling easier for both you and the customer, Mine simplifies the process. Because every company has a different process, we will provide different options to help you.

A few options to help your process

Identifying the user
I couldn’t find the user in my servers or need help understanding the request
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I’m a data processor
I cannot process the user’s request since I don’t control the data
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Direct users to my form
I want Mine users to submit requests differently
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Improve the process
I want Mine users to submit more information when submitting requests
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Our Mission

Making data privacy a reality for everyone

Consumers joined the community
Consumers were saved from a data breach
DSR requests facilitated through Mine

Allowing consumers to discover their online exposure

Mine allows people to discover their digital footprint by mapping the interactions they have had with companies in the past. Users get ALL the context they need to understand who these companies are and what they are using their service for.

Cleaning digital footprints

Once the user decides to reclaim a services, Mine will help facilitate the process. The email address of the service is found and a DSR email is sent using a template through the user’s inbox.

Mine PrivacyOps

Helping companies worldwide with their privacy program
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