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Power your company's privacy operations with Mine’s real-time data mapping.
Always know what data you hold and where — identify potential security and compliance risks (like shadow IT and data redundancy).
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Why Mine

Data mapping that keeps up with evolving data flows and regulations.

100% Coverage
Reveal up to 100% of your data sources in a collaborative, central hub that automatically generates records and keeps track of completion, so nothing gets overlooked.
Always on
Use continuous data mapping for data governance with automated privacy requests fulfillment and easy ROPA generation for GDPR article 30 compliance.
The gift of time
No code or tech team is needed to set up your very own automated platform. Get requests fulfilled in seconds
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Mine PrivacyOps: Complete Privacy Compliance

In an ever-changing landscape of global regulations and privacy compliance requirements, Mine ensures you meet the needs of today as well as tomorrow.
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Your very own map is only a few clicks away. Join the hundreds of other companies who use Mine PrivacyOps.
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Humbled to be the #1 highest rated privacy software (according to G2). Get peace of mind today with: Automatic Privacy Requests Handling, Consent Management, Data Mapping, Vendor Risk Assessment, Data Governance, and more.
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