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Why Do People Submit DSRs?

Understand why DSRs and privacy laws are important, data access and deletion as a part of the user experience, and how you can benefit from a positive DSR fulfillment experience.

DSRs are important to your business because they protect the legal right of your users to control their data. DSRs can cost your organization tens of millions of dollars if you don't handle them correctly.

In the U.S., privacy and more general laws are broken down by industry sector and state. Users can exercise the right to uphold their privacy rights without discrimination, and organizations are not entitled to this information.

Consumers are becoming more aware and proactive about their data in the current privacy landscape. You have two options: put data privacy and security on the back-burner and lose your users' trust, or prioritize data privacy and security as a part of your user experience.

In 2021, experts analyzed privacy notices and requests within Fortune 500 companies, and found that handling a single data access request costs the organization around $1,600. Putting your users' needs first can make your business stand out.

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