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What is a DSR? — Intro to DSRs

Let's define DSRs, types of privacy requests, user rights, and DSR types.

Data Subject Requests (DSRs) allow users to interact with their data via companies via email, letters, and social media.

When a user submits a DSR, they have eight rights, depending on the specific privacy regulation. If you don't respond to DSRs within 30 days, you can face serious fines and consequences. Users have a right to access their personal information, correct any inaccurate information, and remove all traces of their personal information.

The CCPA gives users 45 days to request the removal of their personal information from records, and to opt-out of having their information sold to third parties. The CCPA states that the maximum civil penalty is $2500 for every unintentional violation and $7,500 for every intentional violation of the law. Users have ten rights under the CCPA, including the right to access their data, the right to be forgotten, and the right to be informed.

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