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Data Privacy Tech Comparison: Mine PrivacyOps vs. OneTrust

Or Baram
Or Baram
Aug 15, 2022
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Are you looking to compare OneTrust and Mine PrivacyOps? If you’re reading this, you’ve come to the right place. 

Here, we'll cover the main differentiators and points to keep in mind based on real customer reviews on G2.

Data Privacy Tech Comparison: Mine PrivacyOps vs. OneTrust

Just getting started

When it comes to data privacy management and compliance solutions, there are a lot of options on the market. And, like with any other product, each provider promises their solution is the best. However, sifting through all of the marketing fluff can be daunting. To make the evaluation process a little easier, start by creating a list of must-have features. Then, based on that list, narrow down your options to two or three solutions. Once you have your shortlist, it's time to do your homework. Read reviews and/or case studies, and even reach out to current customers to understand how well the solution works in practice. By taking the time to evaluate your options, you can ensure that you choose a data privacy management and compliance solution that meets your specific needs.

Comparison index

1. Overview: Mine PrivacyOps

2. Overview: OneTrust

3. Feature & Pricing Comparison

  • ~Product and features ‘on paper.’
  • ~Customer market segment
  • ~Pricing and plans

4. Product User Rating Comparison

  • ~Ease of setup
  • ~Ease of use
  • ~Quality of support
  • ~ROI (Return-on-investment)

5. Conclusion

Mine PrivacyOps Overview

Mine PrivacyOps operates globally, offering an all-in-one privacy and compliance suite for businesses. Mine enables companies to automate and orchestrate their entire privacy operations processes to turn privacy into a business advantage. With Mine, you can create automated workflows with top-rated consent and privacy request management, data mapping, ROPA, vendor risk assessment, and more. All done via top-notch UI/UX, a no-code approach, and a fully automated experience.

One central platform provides companies with a scalable privacy infrastructure while placing consumers and user experience at the center.

OneTrust Overview 

OneTrust is a global technology company that provides software to help organizations comply with data privacy regulations. The company offers a GRC(Governance, Risk & Compliance) suite of tools to help organizations manage consent, collect and track personal data, and create data maps. OneTrust also offers services to help organizations develop data privacy policies and processes (Privacy Program). In addition, the company provides training and certification for data privacy professionals. 

Feature & Pricing Comparison

Now that we’ve introduced both contenders, let’s dive into the first part of the comparison.

The Product and features ‘on paper’.

OneTrust is a full, very heavy GRC(Governance, Risk & Compliance) suite, whereas Mine PrivacyOps aims to focus mainly on the privacy operations aspect of the organization. This allows Mine to grab the upper hand and excel at being the most user-friendly platform you’ll encounter, alongside the best product design.

Both offer solutions for Privacy Request Handling, Consent Management, Data Mapping & Discovery, Data Governance, 3rd Party Vendor Risk Assessment, and more. However, OneTrust’s core competency is very much on very broad privacy and security programs compared to Mine. Mine emphasizes providing their solutions with top-of-the-line automation and integrations in order to to make privacy operations easy to handle and easy to keep track of (or stay prepared for an audit). Mine is also uniquely categorized as a solution for Data Governance.

OneTrust does offer additional Data Mapping via surveys, Data Classification, and Privacy Impact Assessment services. This pattern is constant, with OneTrust sticking to traditional old-fashioned methods while Mine aims to focus on modernity and technological advancements. 

Customer market segment

The numbers show that OneTrust has a bigger presence in the Enterprise market segment while Mine PrivacyOps has a stronger presence in Mid-Market. This correlates very well with OneTrust’s more traditional approach (and much more compliance-oriented), and on the other side, Mine’s younger approach, dynamic and agile, very suitable to grow with companies of many sizes.


In direct relation to the market segment, let’s discuss the pricing and plans, one of the main differentiators in this case. OneTrust’s plans come with a substantially higher price tag than Mine’s offering. This makes Mine PrivacyOps more fitting to a broader segment of companies. OneTrust offers a more heavy compliance suite, but it might not fit all companies due to their pricing. Generally, there is less transparency on OneTrust’s site when it comes to the plans and pricing. While, Mine boasts their plans and prices publicly on G2.

For enterprise plans, OneTrust directs you (after choosing that company segment) to contact sales for a quote and consultation. These plans start around $20,000 a month and depending on the company size and number of solutions included could go for much more. Otherwise, for the ‘growing business pricing’ you get a pricing list for all the different modules with separate prices for the training, for example.

For Mine PrivacyOps this couldn’t be more different. Their pricing and plans are public. The plans are 100% transparent, clear, and include all relevant peripheral services like the onboarding and support. Most importantly, they are are customized to the business needs.

Product User Rating Comparison

The setup & implementation process.

Setup and onboarding can be time-consuming and difficult. However, with Mine PrivacyOps, you can get a fully functional platform within less than 30 minutes (instead of months for the industry average). G2 users rated Mine’s ease of setup criteria 20% higher than OneTrust. So, if you're looking for a platform that is quick and easy to set up, look no further than Mine PrivacyOps. The platform offers a self-serve solution that will save you time and hassle. Thanks to a user-friendly interface, you can get started using the platform right away - without having to go through a lengthy onboarding process. Go live fast and see immediate results.

The platform’s ‘ease-of-use.

Design and user experience are not often thought of as core values in the world of privacy and security. However, Mine PrivacyOps, considers them an essential part of the platform. Mine was built from the ground up with a focus on simplicity and usability - wanting the customers to understand their status & take action quickly. The onboarding process, including the setup of all integrations to a company’s tech stack, is a breeze with Mine’s no-code automations (no engineering required at any step!).

That's why Mine has been rated as the "Easiest To Use" privacy platform for Summer 2022 by customers. With a 15% higher rating than OneTrust, Mine is leading the way in making privacy easy and accessible for everyone. Thanks to the amazing team and the commitment to putting users first, Mine is changing the way people think about privacy management technologies.

A platform’s quality of support.

When it comes to real-time tech solution management, availability and attentive support are critical factors. And the difference between Mine PrivacyOps and OneTrust is staggering. Mine PrivacyOps offers instant support via chat, slack, or email, 24/6. In contrast, OneTrust requires you to submit a ticket online to contact support. And someone from their team will get back to you within seven days of ticket submission. This is a huge difference that businesses should take into account when choosing a real-time tech solution provider. With Mine PrivacyOps, you know you'll be able to get the support you need when you need it. And that can make all the difference in the world.

The ROI (Return on Investment).

According to G2, The return on investment time of Mine PrivacyOps is estimated to be a little over three months among our customers. In contrast, the same estimation for other privacy software is much higher — 19.5 months on average.

This is no surprise, knowing the higher price tag OneTrust gives its subscribers. 

See, when speaking of ROI where Mine has the advantage is the ‘cost reduction’ both in the traditional sense, meaning the lower price of the software, but also with the time it saves for different teams (like support, engineering, operations) sparing them the manual work. According to a report by Gartner the cost for an organization to fulfill one user’s privacy request manually is $1600 on average!.

When weighing the value you get from a piece of software, you should always consider how much you're paying for it. 


Certainly, some scenarios exist for companies that need OneTrust’s compliance & governance umbrella, alongside a big brand name that might indicate stability, trust, and credibility.

But in today’s evolving legal privacy landscape, Mine PrivacyOps stands out with advanced automation and technology, many customization options and flexibility, the user’s experience in mind (both the consumers and the companies!), and a terrific support array.

Want to learn more? see how Mine PrivacyOps can help your organization - 

One of our experts is available via chat, or you could choose a time for a demo.

According to G2, “When assessing the two solutions, reviewers found Mine PrivacyOps easier to use, set up, and administer. Reviewers also preferred doing business with Mine PrivacyOps overall.” Add the fact that among privacy management software, Mine PrivacyOps holds the highest satisfaction rating in the market — with 98% of users likely to recommend it.

The bottom line is that when you put Mine PrivacyOps vs. OneTrust, Mine prevails on their existing modules in the parameters that have the most impact on the users and the companies. Should you need something that only OneTrust can supply, I’d recommend using them as a vendor for that specific module while putting your hands on a current and modern solution for everything else - Mine PrivacyOps.

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